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Graph information

Field Internal name Type Warning Critical Info
OFO packets pruned TcpExt_OfoPruned derive
FACK reorder TcpExt_TCPFACKReorder gauge
OFO drop TcpExt_TCPOFODrop derive packets meant to be queued in OFO but dropped because socket rcvbuf limit hit
OFO packets merged TcpExt_TCPOFOMerge derive OFO packets merged with other packets
OFO queue TcpExt_TCPOFOQueue derive Number of packets queued in OFO queue
Reno reorder TcpExt_TCPRenoReorder derive Reordering using Reno
SACK reorder TcpExt_TCPSACKReorder derive Reordering using SACK
Timestamp reorder TcpExt_TCPTSReorder derive Reordering using timestamps
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