Connections through firewall

Firewall Throughput

HTTP loadtime of a page

Hosts blacklisted by fail2ban


IP packet reassembly

IP packet types

IPv4 ping times to wiuwiu

IPv4 ping times to


Netstat, combined

Netstat, established only

PAWS (Protect against wrapped sequence numbers)

TCP Congestion avoidance algorithm (Reno)

TCP Duplicate Selective ACKs

TCP Open Connections

TCP Packet headers predicted

TCP Queueing

TCP SACK/FACK reorders

TCP Segments

TCP Selective ACK / Forward ACK

TCP Sockets

TCP Syncookies

TCP Time-Wait

TCP aborted connections

TCP data loss events

TCP delayed ACKs

TCP other timeouts

TCP retransmissions

TCP socket buffer errors

UDP datagrams

eno1 errors

eno1 traffic

eno2 errors

eno2 traffic

eno3 errors

eno3 traffic

eno4 errors

eno4 traffic

enp2s0 errors

enp2s0 traffic

enp35s0 errors

enp35s0 traffic

enp68s0f0 errors

enp68s0f0 traffic

enp68s0f1 errors

enp68s0f1 traffic

enp9s0 errors

enp9s0 traffic

eth0 errors

eth0 traffic

fwbr101i1 errors

fwbr101i1 traffic

fwbr102i0 errors

fwbr102i0 traffic

fwbr102i1 errors

fwbr102i1 traffic

fwln101i1 errors

fwln101i1 traffic

fwln102i0 errors

fwln102i0 traffic

fwln102i1 errors

fwln102i1 traffic

fwpr101p1 errors

fwpr101p1 traffic

fwpr102p0 errors

fwpr102p0 traffic

fwpr102p1 errors

fwpr102p1 traffic


lxdbr0 errors

lxdbr0 traffic

tap101i0 errors

tap101i0 traffic

tap101i1 errors

tap101i1 traffic

veth102i0 errors

veth102i0 traffic

veth102i1 errors

veth102i1 traffic

vmbr0 errors

vmbr0 traffic

vmbr1 errors

vmbr1 traffic

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